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alexrider100: a drabble community

Alex Rider Drabble Community
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Welcome to alexrider100! This is a weekly drabble challenge community for fans of the Alex Rider books and movie. How does it work? Each week the mod(s) will post a prompt. It's up to the members to write a drabble based on that prompt. The challenging part is to try to keep your drabble within 100 words. Don't worry if you go over or fall short of the word limit--there are no booby traps or assassins waiting to snuff you if you do. Just have fun and be creative! Interpret the prompt however you see fit! No points are deducted for imagination.

This is an open community, meaning it is open to all pairings of all natures (i.e., slash, het, gen, etc). There are no rules concerning the regulation of content or artistic license, so please pay attention to ratings and use discretion when browsing. (See Rule #3 below for information concerning ratings and content.)

Crossovers are permitted, but please remember that this is first and foremost an Alex Rider community!

There is no statute of limitations on the word prompts. If you miss a week or two or want to skip around, go right ahead. Furthermore, members are permitted to string together several prompts to form a larger "drabble fic". Just make sure that each prompt gets its allotted 100 words. For example, if you use three word prompts for one "drabble fic", try to make it as close to 300 words as possible!

Have a suggestion for a prompt? Make it here! Also, the master list of all past prompts can be found here.

And finally, all content posted here at alexrider100 is purely for entertainment purposes only and no money is being made.
1. Tag all entries appropriately and make sure to include a rating.

2. Follow the suggested Drabble Labeling Format (see below).

3. If your drabble contains graphic violence, sex, profanity, or other adult material, please put it behind a LJ cut. This is a 14+ community, so there will likely be content inappropriate for children.

4. If or when you post multiple drabble entries, please use a LJ cut.

5. Respect your fellow members.
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alexrider100 Drabble Table
001 stain 002 key 003 razor 004 sometimes 005 watch
006 misunderstanding 007 weapon 008 organs 009 child 010 candy
011 magic 012 greed 013 reveal 014 touch 015 silver
016 breathe 017 match 018 ring 019 safe 020 birthday
021 poison 022 blood 023 time 024 sleep 025 important
026music 027angel 028last 029broken 030rain
031clockwork 032hands 033thunder 034fall 035bridge
036tomorrow 037steel 038puppet 039run 040forget
041unwilling 042open 043used 044hide 045burn
046reflection 047sleep 048control 049sweat 050taste
051follow 052  053  054  055 

Here's the table code if you'd like to keep track of your drabbles in your own journal profile: