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Hal Bender


Title: Simfonizm
Author: H.J. Bender
Rating: T
Prompt: music
Word Count: 100

Alex hadn’t had an ear for music before Yassen took him in. It was one of those things that he had never really garnered an appreciation for; to him it was just another pastime, like playing football or collecting coins. It didn’t really matter that much.

But the long nights spent in Yassen’s company—and Tchaikovsky’s, and Rachmaninov’s, and Stravinsky’s—soon opened a whole new world to Alex. A world of moving hymns, of soothing piano concertos and singing violins. A world of cold Russian nights, and warm Russian arms.

A world orchestrated by living hearts, composed of gentle measures.
Tags: author: hjbender, prompt: music

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