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More Drabbles

Fills for Key, Razor and Sometimes.

Author: Gear42
Rating: G
Prompt: Key
Word Count: 100
Summary: Alex uses his skills in an ... interesting fashion.
Characters/Pairings: Tom, Alex

Keys, Alex thought contemptuously, are for people with no creativity. A soft click sounded and the doorknob turned smoothly. Alex allowed himself to smirk at the lax security as he pocketed his lock picks. He opened the door slowly– the hinges were new so they shouldn’t creek, but still ... he was MI6’s top spy. He moved silently across the wood floor, his earlier reconnaissance mission proving worthwhile. He reached his mark’s room, sliding the dresser drawer open and sprinkling his burden in it.

That itching powder would definitely make Tom think twice about putting frogs in his bed again.

Author: Gear42
Rating: PG
Prompt: Razor
Word Count: 100
Summary: Yassen Gregorovitch clearly wants nothing to do with Occam’s Razor .
Characters/Pairings: Alex, Yassen

Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.

According to Occam, the blond, Russian man sitting in front of me should be dead. Should’ve been dead years ago when he got shot. Should’ve been dead when I watched him bleed out. Should be six feet under. The man who is currently sipping his of coffee (black, two sugars) and picking apart a croissant (shredding it, hasn’t eaten any yet) while telling me how he managed to survive (not simple: MI6 operative, deep cover, blood bag, bullet proof vest).

Yassen Gregorovitch clearly holds no truck with Occam’s Razor.

Author: Gear42
Rating: PG
Prompt: Sometimes
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Alex

Sometimes Alex goes down to the café around the corner and orders a coffee- large, black, no sugar (the waitress recognizes him. He tries not to let it make him too nervous). He watches the people go by; tries to guess where they’re going, what they’re doing. He never stops any of them to see if he’s right, he never flirts with the barista or chats with the customers. He’s always careful to remain an observer, never a participant. He hasn’t let himself go that much.

Other times, he stays home. He just can’t make himself care enough to move.
Tags: author: gear42, prompt: key, prompt: razor, prompt: sometimes


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