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This is my first attempt at writing in the Alex Rider fandom so constructive criticism is welcome.


Author: Gear42
Prompt: Stain
Word Count:120
Summary: Alex meets an old comrade in the unlikeliest of places.
Characters/Pairings: Alex, Wolf

“Hey, Alex! New car for you up front!” yells Mike, the shift supervisor.

Alex stands up and wipes his hands on his jumpsuit, ignoring the stains that his greasy hands must be causing. “Be there in a minute,” he calls back.

As he emerges into the sunlight, he hears a voice that, while seeming familiar, he can’t place. Falling back into old habits, ones that he hasn’t needed in years– not since he managed to escape the clutches of MI6– he slips around the corner, unseen. He sees a short, dark man talking to Mike, but he doesn’t bother trying to hear the conversation. His mind is too preoccupied trying to figure out what the hell Wolf is doing here.
Tags: author: gear42, prompt: stain

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